Wed Feb 14 00:32:03 CET 2007

Senator Dodd and Habeas Corpus et al


Just saw that US Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) has today
introduced a bill which will make some changes to the horrific
Military Commissions Act of 2006. Seems someone over there on
the other side of the ocean with power has the brains and guts
to challenge George Bush and his Neo-con thugs.

According to his web page, this bill will 'restore
Habeas Corpus rights, bars evidence gained through torture or 
coercion and reinstates U.S. adherence to the Geneva
Conventions in order to protect the nation's military
personnel abroad'. 

Quite appropriately, he is calling his bill the "Restoring
the Consitution Act of 2007".

The bill might not make it through the Senate. And even if
it does, it will never make it past Dubya, who will shoot it
down with his veto. 

But still.