Sun Feb 25 20:36:00 CET 2007

subversion and emacs


Subversion is a
really slick VC system which retains the ease of use of CVS
but fixes most (or all!) of CVS's shortcomings.

At work and at home I use it to keep all my documents, code,
notes, and diary pages in sync. Very handy.

I also happen to be an emacs user. Back when I used CVS (that
would be before I discovered subversion), I found the VC
controls in emacs to be invaluable when it came to saving
time. Very nice.

Since migrating to SVN, one thing which has irritated me is
that the keybindings to check things in via CVS is right there
in front of me, but I cant use them, since, well, I use

I've looked around a few years back, and found projects like
psvn.el-- but found them a little lacking. Many of the svn
commands were not implemented at that time, and one thing
which really bugged me was that if I opened a file which had
version-control, emacs would not automatically shift into a
corresponding minor-mode for me.

Its a little strange actually that I can't find a project for
something as established for SVN. Can I imply from this that
emacs is not as used today as it was when I started to use it
some 15 years ago?