Sun Apr  1 01:23:55 CEST 2007

Cant I poke fun at Christians anymore?


A quickie- The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHCR)
has now voted 24-14 that the UNHCR should pressure Member
States to prohibit all dissemination of materials which could
create hostility against Religions. . (See

It all sounds very nice, until you start thinking about it-
the details are a quagmire. What is a religion? To be a
religion, do you have to have a certain number of members? In
this case, the smaller religious groups (which are often
oppressed anyway) will not get the protection they
deserve. And who gets to decide if some text, image, talk or
whatever is discriminatory? 

Countries with a fanatical religious powerbase like the
USA, Pakistan and Afghanistan be happy about this, after all,
its been on their agenda in one form or the other for quite
some time. But for the rest of us? When does healthy criticism
become 'hostility'?

How much longer will I be able to poke fun at adults who
believe in fairy tales?