Tue Aug 21 20:19:37 CEST 2007

Second day of school/dagis


Sitting  in a cafe at Hornstull, passing the time while Ayumi and
Gentan are at their new Dagis/School.

Anna told me that Ayumi seemed a  little  sceptical  of  the  new
dagis, but when I went there today she seemed relaxed enough. Her
dagis is quite large, and they have a  large  number  of  trained
pedagogicians- among them three male teachers. Very nice.

Gentan  is adjusting well to his new school. Funny how Anna and I
called the new place a school just to give it that  little  extra
spice  necessary to make it interesting for Gentan; Now that he's
there we realise that most of the foreigners consider  it  to  be
just that, since in many of their countries, kids start school at

Both Anna and I are quite relieved that he doesn't seem  to  mind
that  everyone is speaking English, on the contrary he seems con-
tent aboutit. phew.

Nope, time to leave this cafe- gotta pick Ayumi up.