Tue Aug 28 22:44:02 CEST 2007

Total chaos at old apartment


Today, at around 1pm, I got a call from Anna.

(Translated) Hi, Mattias? um Christer just called, and apparently
our apartment is flooded with water. Could you call him?

Christer is the guy we employed to fix up our apartment  so  that
it  could  go  out for sale looking nice, hopefully bringing in a
good price. Damn. I called Christer, and I could  hear  the  loud
curses  in the background (his partner) and his voice was muffled
by all the background noise from the water gushing into the flat.

Damn. Damn.

I couldnt hear what he said, but I understood that this was real-
ly bad. I was just on my way to a meeting at  work  where  I  was
supposed  to present the current state of the development project
Im leading, but I abruptly turned around in the corridor,  and  I
just  barked  out  to  one of my poor collegues- 'My apartment is
flooded. Im outta here.'.

Triple Damn.

I was on site around 40 minutes later. They had managed  to  turn
off the water, but the damage was, like they say, done. My apart-
ment is on the third floor (counting American  style,  where  the
first  floor is the basement), and as I walked up to the building
I could see that the facade had a wet streak between  the  second
and third storey. I entered the hall containing stairwell, and it
was swamped with water. On the floor, on the ceiling, everywhere.
And this wasnt even my floor.

I  leaped  up the stairs three at a time, ducking under the spat-
tering water, and ran up to the third floor- and was  faced  with
my  worst  nightmare.  Our  apartment, where we had lived for the
last six years, looked completely familiar, with the exception of
about two centimeters of water covering the floor. Damnit, things
were floating in there. Two of dear  neighbours  were  al-
ready    there,    helping    the   people   from   the   bostad-
srättsförening (cant be bothered to translate accurate-
ly-  for now, just assume they are legitimate professionals work-
ing for the people owning the apartment block). One of my  neigh-
bours  have the keys to my flat, and had helped turn off the flow
of flooding water.

The next two hours are a bit of a haze at  this  point-  I  think
that  there were a total of nine people who ran in and out during
that time. This includes myself, my  two  neighbours  who  helped
out, and five professonals. Oh and one (slightly confued) old man
who lives three floors up who tried to strike a conversation with
me,  in the middle of the chaos: So, Mattias, I see you were fix-
ing up your kitchen? Which components did  you-  Ah,  IKEA,  very
nice. And is it this year's FAKTUM?

I  managed  to  mumble  to  him  that  it was Faktum, subcategory
Ärlig, when I realized that this was  all  very  surreal.  I
went downstairs with Christer and smoked my first sober cigarette
in five months.

By the time I got up the professionals had torn up the nice wood-
en floor in our living room, revealing the wet concrete under it.
It was a little grotesque seeing them brutalizing the floor, con-
sidering  how  careful  we  had been over the years to keep it as
nice as possible. This in the case, of course, that  we  one  day
will sell the apartment.

One  hour  later  everyone had left. Here and there, the floor of
the flat still had a few small puddles, but most of it was vaccu-
umed up. I was aware that the two apartments below ours were also
wet, possibly very wet. But at the time I had no way  of  finding
out how bad it was.

My  neighbour  Gerd, who was so kind as to help me earlier, asked
me if I wanted to come down for a cup of coffee.  She  must  have
seen the emptiness in my eyes, and very gently she talked me into
taking a break. Once down in her apartment, I started  to  relax,
and  wondered  how I was going to present the whole deal to Anna,
when she came. She was scheduled to arrive very soon, and I real-
ly  didnt  want  her to show any signs of breaking down- I was on
the edge of a nervous breakdown myself.

We made small talk while waiting for Anna. When she  finally  ar-
rived,  Gerd  forced  her  to  sit down in her apartment a little
while as well, calming us down. Those  ten  minutes  really  made
things  easier  for  me.  I  had  time  to relax and think things
through. Things were bad, but not as bad as it could  have  been.
After all, we had moved most of our belongings already to the new
apartment, and as for the rest- well, our insurance should  cover

We  thanked  Gerd  for the coffee and went upstairs and faced the
situation. Then, after a long hug  and  some  shared  curses,  we
started  to go through all of the belongings which had gotten wet
during the chaotic hours.

Now Im home in our new apartment in Flempan, tired as hell.

Signing off