Thu Aug 30 22:28:02 CEST 2007

The nightmare continues


Today I didn't go to work.

Instead,  we  went  to our old flat, to meet the entrepreneur who
was here when all hell broke loose (See previous article).  Also,
at  10am,  an  inspector from the insurance company (Trygg-Hansa)
was going to come by to take a look at the place.

Man what a day.

So there we were, Anna and I, looking at  our  ruined  apartment.
For  the  first time, we looked at what the entrepreneur had done
to our bedroom and kitchen. And you know what? The quality of the
work  was so low that I know that I would have done a better job.
And Im a damn Unix geek. We were in total shock.

We couldn't prove that the waterlogging was the guy's fault,  but
he  could  damn well have done what he was paid to do. There were
splashes of paint on the floor,  globs  of  putty  all  over  the
place,  he  hadn't spread putty on the walls prior to painting as
he had promised. The paint job wasnt a proper one- at places  the
paint was thin or non-existant.

When  we pointed these faults out to him, he had the NERVE to try
to blame it upon us.

I really dont have the energy to write much more about this,  but
we  have given the incompetent bastard a chance to fix things up.
Tomorrow Anna will go to Skärholmen to be there when he  and
his  collegue will try to re-paint the walls, clean (read scrape)
putty off light switches, etc.

We'll see if he manages to do this. He's expecting  cash  at  the
end of the day, but we've done our homework- if we are not satis-
fied with his 'work', we can refuse to pay him.  If  he  contests
this, I'll be more than happy to meet him at court.

Incompetent git.