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Sun Sep 2 22:56:52 CEST 2007

Damn tired


It's been a tough week.

It  began with the flooding of our apartment, and ended with that
pathetic bastard of a 'professional' who messed up our apartment.
Ugh. In between, we haven't had much time to spend with our kids,
and work has been... very stressful.

But like my collegue Helena says - Even this will pass.

On another note,

Just now I read thru a memo from Gentans school specifying  Home-
work policy. Apparently Gentan won't be getting regular homework-
that's for kids in Year one and up. Since he is in  Reception  he
will  be  getting homework irregularly. I find it very refreshing
to see that he will be getting assignments to do  at  home-  this
will be our way to keep up with what he is learning at school.