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Mon Oct 22 22:26:01 CEST 2007

Sony Vaio PCG-505RS and Linux


Last  week,  my  dad sent two packages over to me from Japan- the
first contained a Sony Vaio PCG-505RS and a  CD-reader,  and  the
second contained a power supply as well as a manual.

Its  a  really  old computer- I think it was released sometime in
1998. Almost ten years old! With a 266Mhz processor, 64M  memory,
and a 4G harddrive, its not quite state of the art. But its small
and slinky, completely silent, and very  attractive,  as  laptops

So  here  I  am, writing this entry in my diary on my primary ma-
chine, while in the background I can glimpse the vaio  installing
the linux kernel. Its a nice feeling. I hope I can get the pcmcia
port to accept the wireless card. See  earlier  I  was  convinced
that  it was a 16bit socket, but after conferring with some of my
old collegues back at kthnoc I have revised that opinion.  If  Im
lucky I'll be able to use the wireless card on it. Very very nice
in that case. (I realize I didnt mention that there is no  ether-
net socket on the thing. Ancient.)

Question  is  if  64M is enough to run my favvo apps, but come to
think about it, my first linux systems were around that size,  if
not less. I cant really remember.

If  I  stick  to  console  apps like muttng and vim, I'll have no
problems. Emacs should be ok as well, as long  as  I  dont  spawn
lots  of separate sessions (emacs server comes to mind). I wonder
if I should go with firefox (memory hog)  or  with  dillo,  we'll

All I can say is- this is fun :)